Author: Kujtim

  • US intends to protect Azerbaijan from ‘threats’ of Iran

    The US intends to protect Azerbaijan from the “threats” of Iran. As noted by State Department spokesman Ned Price, for the US it is “very clear that Iran represents a threat to the region.” Answering the question—at Thursday’s Department press briefing—that Iran is intensifying its rhetoric towards “neighboring countries like Azerbaijan. They are—they’re threatening lately; also they […]

  • Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan summoned to Foreign Ministry

    Iranian Ambassador Seyed Abbas Mousavi was summoned to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry today, Azerbaijani media reported, referring to the Foreign Ministry. “During the meeting, dissatisfaction and concern were expressed over Iran’s anti-Azerbaijani propaganda, smear campaign, and threatening rhetoric of Iran’s high-ranking political and military figures, which are not in the spirit of relations between the […]