Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan summoned to Foreign Ministry

Iranian Ambassador Seyed Abbas Mousavi was summoned to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry today, Azerbaijani media reported, referring to the Foreign Ministry.

“During the meeting, dissatisfaction and concern were expressed over Iran’s anti-Azerbaijani propaganda, smear campaign, and threatening rhetoric of Iran’s high-ranking political and military figures, which are not in the spirit of relations between the two countries. It was also said that the reception of persons inciting separatism in Azerbaijan and escaping criminal prosecution in other countries in Iranian embassies is an unfriendly act,” the media quotes.

The day before the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Tehran Ali Alizadeh was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry in connection with the anti-Iranian statements of officials. This was reported on Thursday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic. “Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry by the assistant foreign minister to protest against the unfriendly statements made by high-ranking officials of Azerbaijan,” the ISNA news agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying.

During the conversation, the Iranian side expressed its strong protest over the “unfriendly rhetoric of Azerbaijani officials”, as well as the creation of an untrue image of Iran in the Azerbaijani media. Tehran expects such actions from Baku to stop “as soon as possible” and not to repeat them in the future. In turn, the Azerbaijani ambassador informed the Iranian diplomatic mission that he would immediately report on the conversation held in Baku.

As it turned out, Baku preferred not only “not to stop such actions,” but also to take steps for further aggravation.

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